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Váš Blooming

Moss picture


Hang a piece of forest right on the wall at home. The moss picture will literally “enliven” your interior. It is practically maintenance-free, it does not need watering or direct light. It is therefore also suitable for dark places where you cannot place other plants or plant pictures. It lasts fresh, green for several years. Its only requirement is sufficient humidity, at least 40 – 50%.

The picture is created from genuine natural moss, which is stabilized with preservatives, environmentally friendly, degradable. We use single-species moss of various green shades with a distinctive structure.

The picture has a size of 27×27 cm and is set in a wooden frame. If you are interested in another sizes, please contact us.

We deliver wrapped in a package made of 100% recycled material. Simply take it out of the box and enjoy it.

Tip: How to extend the life of the picture and what to avoid? Do not expose it to direct sunlight and wet conditions. Do not place it near the heating and air conditioning vents. If you need to wipe it off dust, use a damp (not wet) cloth or a cool air dryer.

Delivery is included in the price.
We deliver all over Prague.