Pilea Peperomioides


Until recently, Pilea was an almost unknown houseplant, but now it is beginning to conquer our interiors, not only for its interesting appearance, but also for its ability to reproduce well. You can easily recognize it by the typical smaller, light green round leaves, which resemble coins. That is why it is said that it brings happiness.

It comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of southern China. Pilea likes diffused natural light and regular mild watering. In winter, during dormancy, it is good to limit watering. It is a succulent and therefore needs a permeable substrate with added fine sand.

We supply the plant with a design ceramic cover (included in the price).

Tip: If the leaves start to turn yellow, it does not necessarily mean a lack of watering, but on the contrary, overflow of the plant. Therefore, check the substrate and allow it to dry up sufficiently if it is damp.

Delivery is included in the price.
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