Plant terrarium

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A plant terrarium is a design decoration that you simply must have. A small garden in a glass bottle that will attract attention in any interior.

A green jungle of assorted houseplants will grow in front of your eyes in a clear glass container with a cork stopper. It does not need any experienced grower. We plant terrariums with houseplants that have the same or similar requirements for cultivation. Put the terrarium in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Leave the cork stopper slightly opened so that the container does not mist too much and you can see your garden in its full beauty.

Please consider the photo as an illustration. We use containers in several different shapes. We select plants based on their quality and availability.

We deliver the plant terrariums packed in a package made of 100% recycled material. Simply take it out of the box and enjoy it.

Tip: Remember that the containers do not have a drainage hole, so be careful with watering. You can easily tell the correct watering time by the color of the soil – it will be light, light brown. When the plants start to peek out of your terrarium, do not be afraid to cut them short.

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